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Yarkay Productions

Innovating while entertaining

esides running other mainstream businesses Yarkay Group has also established its reputation in the entertainment industry for launching some of the best feature films in the country. Yarkay has always set the standards in film productions by giving a platform to young aspiring artists to become icons and launching stars like Ugen Panday, Pem Deki, Kezang Dorji, Yeshey Choden and many others.

A Yarkay Productions banner always delivers a unique product with original concepts, refreshing stories, exotic locations, creative fusion music with an ethnic ‘Drup’ flavour that has generally influenced and changed the music and film industry in Bhutan for the better. Yarkay Productions have so far produced two popular Bhutanese feature films.

Sacho Gami Ga

Sacho Gami Ga is a light hearted comedy about the journey of two brothers who having lived in the west most of their lives are sent to Bhutan by their parents to become Bhutan-ized. They initially struggle to adapt to this new environment but gradually begin to understand the essence of being Bhutanese.

This is the first Bhutanese feature film to be shot in London and captures many of the city’s iconic land marks. With its slick production, style and fusion music the film created a buzz in the Bhutanese film industry.

On the music front the film popularized rap, reggaeton and hip-hop music in mainstream films inspiring many musicians to experiment as well as opening doors for budding artists such as Ugen Panday and Pem Deki. One of its songs, ‘Sem bamacha’ became the biggest hit of the year and continues to be played and sung during music events and in entertainment venues till this day. Sacho Gami Ga was nominated into the top 5 movies of the year at the Bhutan National Film Awards 2012.

Baeyul: The Hidden Paradise

Baeyul: The Hidden Paradise broke all records in the country screening for 119 days at the capital’s City Cinema. The movie received international press in India being featured in The Times of India as the “most successful Bhutanese film ever”. Baeyul’s music album won accolades at home, broke new ground and was loved by young and old, an instant hit in the Bhutanese mainstream market. Ugen Penjor and Choeying Jatsho won the Best Music Director Award and Best Music Album of the year at the Bhutan National Film Awards 2015.

Baeyul, the hidden paradise, is about the challenges facing youth from disadvantaged backgrounds and the temptations to get into a life of crime. It explores an inner struggle of finding one’s own paradise within oneself free from the temporary highs of crime, drugs and alcohol. Based on a true story, the movie captures the youth of Thimphu caught in a changing society driven by urbanization. The story centers on an actual gang leader who created the most feared youth gang in Thimphu and later reformed to work for the police.

Baeyul has become one of the most talked about films in Bhutan since its release in 2014. With its action oriented scenes, special effects, and modern music including rap and pop, the movie gave a new direction to a nascent industry.

Songs such as ‘Gachi bey’, performed by Bhutanese rapper Kezang Dorji became extremely popular and established his reputation as one of the best Bhutanese rappers in the country.

Baeyul became an instant box office hit and earned critical acclaim, with Kuensel the national newspaper describing it, ‘a delightful cinematic experience.’

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